Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Print - The Land Speed Record

You may have spotted the post about the Bloodhound Art Show, well this is the print i made for it. It features (hopefully) all the official land speed record holding cars. I wanted to highlight how the size and shape have changed over the years and so they are as close to the correct size in relation to each other as I could get them (I used a combination of photos, stats and video clips to try and establish the sizes).

Like the last VSCC print they are signed and numbered, on museum quality paper and printed with archival inks. This time it's A2 in size and it's an edition of 1000 (to match the 1000mph the Bloodhound team are aiming for). The cost is £40 +p&p and £10 of every one will got to help fund the Bloodhound Educational Project. Hope you like it...

ZenBrush App - quick test

ZenBrush - $2.99
Found another nice drawing app for the iPad. Again it's quite limited in terms of features but it makes up for that with a really nice, speed sensitive brush mark. It only has three opacities of black and an eraser, no zoom, no layers and only one undo. But that makes it very quick and intuitive to use. Plus points are - there's not much lag, a beautiful brush and a few different paper options. I can see myself using this for sketching quite a bit.

More Ideas

Still playing around with adobe ideas. I'm enjoying making custom palettes and then just sticking to those 5 colours. I think it gives it a sort of screen printed look (although the colours do look slightly different on the ipad - perhaps it's a mac gamma thing).

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bloodhound SSC Art Show

The Bloodhound team are having a little art show on the theme of 'Speed'. It opens this Friday and should run for a week I think. Some of the art will be auctioned off to raise money for their education programme. I've got a couple of prints on display - one of which I've done especially for it. The full size show car will be there too. So if anyone is in the Bristol area please pop in and have a look - or if you come on Friday, say hello. (Follow signs for the SS Great Britain and next door to it you'll see a square, red brick building which used to be the Maritime Heritage Museum - it's in there)...

Just heard that they have a photographer coming to do a shoot so the show has been taken down early. That was quick wasn't it. I'll let you know if any other interesting events happen.