Wednesday, April 23, 2008


...and geese. I've got a little story idea which involves ducks or geese so I drew a few to see what I could do with the shapes - how they could be simplified and so on. I'm ashamed to say these aren't from life though.


Pale Rider was on last night - what a great film - and what a terrific character the Preacher is. These aren't necessarily pictures of the cast - just doodles of things I found interesting - moustaches and hats mainly.

Dammit I will post regular pictures!

I hereby do solemnly swear to do regular pictures and put them on this site. Honest.

Inspired by Crookies wondeful blog I've been trying to draw with a brush-pen. It's quite difficult - you have to stop yourself from doing too much. I'm still not happy with the shaky lines - I need to be bolder. Still, it's good to be drawing again.