Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Print - The Land Speed Record

You may have spotted the post about the Bloodhound Art Show, well this is the print i made for it. It features (hopefully) all the official land speed record holding cars. I wanted to highlight how the size and shape have changed over the years and so they are as close to the correct size in relation to each other as I could get them (I used a combination of photos, stats and video clips to try and establish the sizes).

Like the last VSCC print they are signed and numbered, on museum quality paper and printed with archival inks. This time it's A2 in size and it's an edition of 1000 (to match the 1000mph the Bloodhound team are aiming for). The cost is £40 +p&p and £10 of every one will got to help fund the Bloodhound Educational Project. Hope you like it...


Bry said...

Is it possible to buy a digital version of this (for folks across the pond)?

stefan marjoram said...

Hello Bry. I'll happily post one to you but I'm afraid I can't email you a digital copy. I only do that for odd digital sketches etc which I don't plan to make into prints. Sorry about that.

I've been able to send the A3 prints to the US for the same cost as in the UK so I don't think the larger A2 tubes should cost too much. I'll get some scales out and work it out tonight.

Bry said...

It's ok. Thank you, though. It's really quite a nice sketch. You do amazing work!

rob ijbema said...

love your stuff stefan
especially your cars of course
you seem to get looser and looser

Dawn said...

How do we purchase your prints? My husband is very interested :)

Emilia said...

Hi Stefan! I am very interested in purchasing a print, I live in the US and was wondering where I go to purchase one.

stefan marjoram said...

Thanks for the comments - I'm glad people seem to like the print. It got blogged on Hemmings Motor Blog, Jalopnik and Gizmodo which is great. If anyone would like to order one please contact me at Stefan.marjoram(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks again,


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