Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scammell Pioneer - pencil

This is a Scammell Pioneer. The few remaining patches of green paint suggest it was built during the war and used for tank towing or heavy recovery. Quite a rare thing apparently - but sadly probably beyond saving.

Scammell Pioneer - ink

Cathy spotted this wonderful old truck near us. Once I'd seen it I knew I'd have to return to sketch it - which I did this morning. I invited fellow artist Martin Squires along too as I know he likes his commercial and farm machinery.

Monday, October 07, 2013

1913/18 Piccard-Pictet 'Pic Pic'

Such a beautiful car - not just the proportions but also the attention to detail - and of course the wonderful aero-engine too. Previously I've only managed a very quick sketch so it was nice to have a bit of time for something a bit more finished (as finished as my work gets anyway)

White Steamer - 'Whistling Billy'

Whistling Billy is an amazing steam-powered racing car dating from 1905. A large patch of blistered paint suggested that it might recently have been 'On Fire Billy'! I wanted to have another go at this unique car (my previous attempt wasn't up to much)

Ford - Bobtail T

Ford - Bobtail T by Stefan Marjoram
Ford - Bobtail T, a photo by Stefan Marjoram on Flickr.

I love the simplicity of these Model T racers - must be a lot of fun to drive - although with the unusual controls it probably takes a fair bit of concentration too!

1904 Oldsmobile Curved-Dash

The wonderful curved-dash Oldsmobile which Joy Rainey drove coast-to-coast across America this year. She was raising money for Cancer Research - find out more - and better still make a donation...

Humber 9/20

Humber 9/20 by Stefan Marjoram
Humber 9/20, a photo by Stefan Marjoram on Flickr.

Visited a small car gathering at an open day of a local car restoration company - Brabazon Motors. Lots of exotic machinery but the simplicity of this Humber attracted me.