Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inkpad app

Been playing with a new app on the iPad called Inkpad. It's a bit like a cut down version of Illustrator and seems to work very well. It's vector based and allows you to draw using shapes, lines and bezier curves. The results are usually quite crisp and graphic but I have seen some very warm, almost painterly work done with it too.

First, the remains of an old matchbox car my son dug up in the garden...

This time I traced an image from the excellent


Hooveoperator said...

Hi there,

I've enjoyed looking at all your artwork on Fickr and was wondering how Inkpad compares to Adobe Ideas (full version with layers) and Freeform in your opinion.



Dan Palatnik said...

This is way cool and goes well with your crisp work in general. The Dart looks killer!

stefan marjoram said...

Thanks for the comments. As for Inkpad vs Ideas - well, they're different. I'd say ideas is good for sketching with lines and Inkpad is good for drawing with shapes - either freehand or using the bezier handles. I couldn't really say that one is better than the other as they do different things. They're both worth the little money they charge though.

stefan marjoram said...

Just noticed you mentioned 'Freeform' - I haven't tried that one before - I'll have to have a look.