Monday, March 21, 2011

Hereford Trials

Having never witnessed one, I really wanted to visit a trials event this year and by a massive stroke of luck I was invited not to come and watch but to actually take part! My job was to be a 'bouncer' - to help provide traction for the back wheels as Duncan raced the Anzani GN up the muddy slopes. As it happened, we had the most gloriously sunny day and there was barely any mud in sight. Traction was not an issue at all and it became a fantastic sightseeing tour of a beautiful part of the country in what was definitely the most exciting car there. Ben's nippy Bugatti Brescia was a delightful sight to follow (though my dust and castrol filled eyeballs won't agree). Another spectacular sight were the big Bentleys packed with friends and family of all ages - what a terrific form of motorsport!


Patrick Leyendecker said...

your bugatti sketches are very good, i like the lightness in your lines. hope you enjoyed the event.

stefan marjoram said...

Thanks very much Patrick - I certainly did enjoy it - still grinning like an idiot now.

You're not any relation to JC Leyendecker are you?