Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watercolour Car Tests

I doodled a few made up vintage cars and decided to try some real-life watercolours on them instead of the digital variety. I'm quite pleased with them but think I ought to use proper paper. Strangely I like looking at the scan full size - bigger than it is in the sketch book - you notice all sorts of interesting things that the paint has done as it runs into itself. Perhaps I should just work bigger and with a bigger brush - then I wouldn't have to enlarge them to see the fun stuff...


Ricco said...

Hi Stefan,
I just discovered your blog and I instantly became a fan of your work :)
Your drawing are pretty powerful and so expressive, every time i see one of those landscape samples I feel like I'm there, Thank you very much for that.

Those last drawings inspires me a lot for my personal works, i make models with cartoonish shapes but serious theme and colors.

Here some samples.

thanks again for your work !

stefan marjoram said...

Thanks for the nice comments Ricco. I had a look at your models and they're fantastic. I didn't realise just how small they were until I saw the step by step film - amazing. The only thing I've done similar was a custom vinyl toy - I did the angler fish in the top right...

Just saw the bike on your blog - that looks stunning.

Ricco said...

ahah I like your toy, pretty funny fish ! :)

Ok your other post with the red car definitely made me want to make a capsule model out of it :)

And thx about the bike too, (I forgot about his one :) it was my winter project, you need stuff to do during long cold canadian winters !

thx again !