Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Haven't really done this car justice - still battling with the watercolours and over did it a bit again. This car was powered by a 344cc JAP engine and set a record for the flying mile at 70.33mph. I love the simplicity of it and its low slung stance. Unfortunately it was destroyed in a fire at Monthlery...


Eric said...

You have so nicely illustrated some of my most inspirational cars. The V8 Darraq, Spider and Jappic. I always have a wish to replicate Jappic.
Hope you don't mind I've just made the Darraq my screen background!
BTW if you can have a look for the PEERLESS and Ford 999 car that Barney Oldfield drove in the teens. Original pics of the Peerless are better than the car in the photo on my blog. I think you would capture them so well.

Eric said...

now I feel awkward. Just going further back through your posts ans saw the 999 car. Sorry for that, and you have captured it so well!