Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This Week

Here's a job that did happen. I did a series of vox pop animations leading up to the election. The interviews were with people in the street who weren't going to bother voting.

There wasn't a lot of time and they wanted about 2 minutes a week. There wasn't much money either - so I had to do it all myself. I'd get the sound and edit it down on on Monday morning, on Wednesday night it was on the TV and I'd have started the second minute for Fridays show! The only way I could do it was to keep the characters very simple - built out of a kit of parts that could be re-used again and again.


Tim Bye said...

Sounds like a tight deadline! As always these are great characters - I love the one with the cap on!

L. A. Stern said...

this are wonderful; so straight forward yet so expressive. I hope you are able to use them on another job.



Milos said...

hmm, great characters