Thursday, January 11, 2007


The posh bit of Bristol. People pay huge amounts of money to live in these houses which don't conform to the laws of perspective. I drew it from life but used a photo for the colours. It's interesting also to see how accurate your drawing is when you overlay the photo (the curve of the crescent at the top is way off).


Tim Bye said...

I really like these latest images. They have a really cool mixed media feel to them. The line drawings are nice as they are aswell!

stefan said...

Thanks for all your encouragement Tim. It's good to know someone's looking at them :)

todd keller-um...sure! i likes. said...

I really enjoy your use of color, and your layout. Do you using draw in pen and then transfer to color?- i usually do that as well, but have been getting into pencil more.--although for sketching i think i am into the pen more. Anyways, very nice images,