Saturday, December 01, 2012

Auto Art Advent 01

Auto Art Advent 01 by Stefan Marjoram
Auto Art Advent 01, a photo by Stefan Marjoram on Flickr.

Happy 1st December! Here's the first of the 2012 Auto Art Advent series. I'll be adding a new sketch every day until Christmas. To make it more of a surprise, this year they'll be in a range of different materials and styles. Hope you enjoy them. (If you'd like to own one they'll also be on my Etsy store for a very reasonable £24 :)


Martin said...

Stefan, I'm glad you're doing the advent series again...I'll be following with much interest.
Wishing you great inspiration for december !

stefan marjoram said...

Thanks very much Martin!

HutchMHK said...

I tried a few times to get an advent sketch last year, can't believe I nabbed day 1 this year!

Looking forward to seeing the rest!

stefan marjoram said...

Well done! I think I caught a few people by surprise as I only decided to do it at the last minute. I really liked that first one.