Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bugatti T35 - without bodywork

Bugatti T35 no body 2s by Stefan Marjoram
Bugatti T35 no body 2s, a photo by Stefan Marjoram on Flickr.


John Wright said...

Stefan, there has got to be a story with this. Bugatti's aren't found every day.

stefan marjoram said...

Hello John - it's not a restoration job or a barn find - it belongs to Duncan Pittaway and he's had it quite a while. It's regularly used - there's a great clip of it at Monaco on you tube. It was just being given a bit of a clean and fettle. I think the car was originally found in Spain - minus it's engine and most of the bodywork. It has some nice details like the early hollow front axle and it bears a few scars from it's early life. The body again is original and was obtained for £40 when there was a fashion for replacing the tatty old ones with shiny new ones!

John Wright said...

Now that's a story!
thanks Stefan