Saturday, December 17, 2011

Auto Art Advent 17

Auto Art Advent 17 by Stefan Marjoram

Auto Art Advent 17, a photo by Stefan Marjoram on Flickr.
Seventeenth in the Auto Art Advent series. Another bellytanker - I'm sure there will be more - I love the sci-fi shape and simplicity of these things. Throughout December Ill be adding a new one every day. Original pencil and watercolour on 6x4inch (postcard size) watercolour paper . £24 inc shipping worldwide

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Dewey Setlak said...

It looks like some kinda space car. Speaking of Belly Tankers, Have you read "How to Build a Belly Tanker" by Tom Beatty? It's a very captivating 1952 article that talks about a very well-known tank that he invented. In fact, his tank was the record holder of the fastest time ever turned with uncovered wheels, with 188 mph top speed at Bonneville in 1951.

Dewey Setlak