Monday, September 27, 2010

My first print run!

I've had quite a lot of nice comments about those little car thumbnails. So much so that I thought I'd try a run of prints. I 've found a local printer and we spent Friday afternoon tweaking the image and trying out different papers and I now have now the first batch of A3 prints in my hands. I'm really pleased with how they came out. I've decided to limit them to 100 prints and they are signed and numbered. If anybody would like one I'm selling them for £35 including postage in Europe or the USA (if you're somewhere else please get in touch and I'll calculate the extra shipping cost).


Danny Gardner said...

i love your work stefan! sketching, photography, all of it!

stefan marjoram said...

Thanks very much Danny. I'm jolly glad I looked at your blog too - some incredible work. The seaside paintings are stunning - I must go and have another look.

dann said...

I live in the USA in Virginia. I would be interested in getting on of your signed little cars print. I love all of your work but get most excited about the cars stuff. Let me know if it would be possible to get them or any other signed prints. Thanks, Dann Hall -

luca said...

Dear Stefan,
I'm Luca, from Italy.
I am interested to buying one of these prints.
Please, contact me at

Thanks and congratulations for your works