Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Creature Comforts

A little while back I did the only cg characters in Creature Comforts. A plankton and some cells which divided as they spoke...


Tim Bye said...

These are really great! I love your sketchpad - there's some super characters in there!

Djordje said...

Your work is super inspirational.
I am writing this since I'd like to ask you few questions about two animations from Aardman,
commercials for Robinson milk.
I am in animation school La Poudriere in France and I'd like to try something technically similar to those commercials for my one minute film here in school.
So, since I appreciate your work, and you may know something/someone that can help me in gathering informations on this matter.

Hope you won't mind me contacting you like this.



Djordje said...

oh I forgot my mail.... so if you feel like contactinig me you can write to

thanks one more time

antikewl said...

Wonderfully simple yet incredibly effective. Superb.

gareth gough said...

Great work! Characters are fantastic!